Transfer Property on the basis of Inter-State Death(Natural Succession)


  • Application Form
  • Death Certificate, in original.
  • Liability Affidavit from all the Legal Heirs (in case of more than four legal heirs, use an additional affidavit).
  • Photo Identity proofs of all the Legal Heirs.
  • Clearance of previous mortgage / Loan / Redemption Deed.
  • Legal Heir Certificate (in original) issued by the Sub Divisional Magistrate/Tehsildar of the concerned Tehsil of
    which the deceased was a resident, OR an affidavit from the Area Councilor (in case of urban areas)/ Sarpanch
    of the concerned village (in case of rural areas) or an affidavit from the Group A officers of State/Central Government and its Autonomous bodies specifying the name and relationship of the legal heirs left by the deceased – allottee. Additional Documents required for transfer on the basis of Succession Certificate issued
    by a Court.
  • Attach a certified copy of the decree of the Court.

Download Booklet

Time Limit : 45 days

NOTE: It would be preferred to print on A4 sheet.

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